Ghana Amputee Football Federation Dissolved

The Association of Sports for the Disabled (ASDG) has dissolved the Ghana Amputee Football Federation, barely a month after asking federation head, Mr. Adjetey Sowah to step aside for investigations into corruption allegations brought up against him.

A Section of Players of the National Amputee Soccer Team, the Black Challenge, in November last year levelled corruption charges against Mr Sowah insisting their boss had not rendered proper accounts on sponsorship funds received from various organisations.

The aggrieved group further claimed he was running the Association as his own business.

After a crisis meeting held at the Accra Sports Stadium presided over by the President of the (ASDG), Bishop Adja Coffie in January this year, Francis Adjetey sowah was asked to step aside for proper investigations into the allegations.

Speaking to JOY Sports, Adja cofie confirmed his outfit (ASDG)would now oversee the work of the Ghana Amputee Football Federation as well as all other disable sports in the country.

“Henceforth, there wouldn’t be any specific officer to oversee the Amputee football Association, even if there is, he would work under the auspices of the main disable sports body (ASDG )which encapsulates all disable sports.

The problem we had in the past was because the Amputee Federation became somewhat of a separate entity away from its mother body, and its oversight was a huge challenge, so we now want to correct the oversight responsibility issue by dealing with fragments of any nature” he said.

Meanwhile findings of the ongoing investigations are yet to be ascertained although former head , Francis Adjetey Sowah has overly indicated his desire to face any panel of investigators to prove his innocence .

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