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Woman Complained to The Police: “He Sold To Me Sugar Instead of Drugs”

cocain sugarThis may sound hilarious to you but not in the sight of Ms. Susan Bassam. The Missouri woman went to a drug dealer to buy drugs to ‘feel high’ and forget her troubles few days ago, upon reaching home after the purchase, she realised the ‘cocaine’ she bought in Springfield sugar indicating the dealer had cheated her.

For the sweet pleasure she paid $40, but she did not agree to let is pass in silence and called the police.

Deceived client’s anger did not impress the police, who arrested her for possession of drugs among her possessions. According to the police report, the 47-year-old Susan Bassam demanded the police to approach the drug dealer’s apartment and arrest him – and then give her back her money.

The newspaper “Springfield News Leader” reported that when police arrived at the address given to them by Susan Bassam, the residents of the place denied that they sell drugs. In another newspaper it was reported that Sussan Bassam has been arrested for drug possession in the past.

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