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School Bus Crash Leaves Dozens Dead

Tragedy has happened once again. A very devastating and shocking incident happened today in the a city south of the Egyptian capital city of Cairo when a speeding train collided with a bus in the heart of the city and killed at least fifty people instantly. This remains one of the worst accidents that I have ever heard. The saddest part of this news is that according to the Egyptian authorities, 48 of the dead victims were children. One can only imagine the present state of their parents and family. Words would not be able to describe their anguish and pain.

According to reports, the children who lost their lives in this tragic disaster were aged between four and eight years. The driver of the school bus is also reported to have lost his life in the accident. Another woman also died in the accident, making the total number of deaths 50. As for the number of injured, the Egyptian News Agency has placed the figure at 28, with 27 of them being children. This is totally unbelievable news. Too bad to be true!

What actually caused the accident?

According to witnesses, the barriers were open so the bus driver assumed that it was safe to cross the rail tracks, but as soon as the school bus began to cross, the train seemed to come from nowhere and then collided with it in a most shocking manner. The governor of the province has ordered an instant inquiry into this shocking event that has left the entire country in a state of deep mourning. Many witnesses said of the crash as so severe that the majority of the children who died had their bodies mutilated. Such was the sheer impact of the crash.

The Egyptian state media has reported that as a result of this shocking disaster, the Egyptian Transport Minister Mohamed Rashad has decided to resign as the head of the railways authority in Egypt. His resignation letter at the moment lies on the desk of President Mursi, the Egyptian president. This is not the first time that Egypt is being faced with major road and railway accidents. The country is notorious for having frequent road and railway accidents.

For instance, about three weeks ago, three people lost their lives and 30 people got injured in a train crash. Egyptians are calling for government to take action now in order to reduce the rampant road and railway accidents in the country.

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