More Blackouts as ECG Sheds Off 400 Megawatts

ECG logoIf the current load shedding exercise is dire, residential and commercial users of electricity in Ghana will have to brace up for even more calamitous outages.

GRIDCO, generators of electricity in Ghana have instructed the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to shed an additional 400 megawatts of electricity across the country.

Public Relations Officer of the ECG William Boateng who confirmed this to Joy News’ Evans Mensah said the situation is worse than imagined.

Explaining how dire the situation is, Boateng said shedding 400 megawatts of power is just the same as putting off the whole of Ashanti, Volta, Eastern and Central Regions of Ghana.

Prior to this announcement, many residents and businesses are already suffocating under a load management regime which sees lights taken off, at least three times a week for long hours.

Ghana’s industrial hub has been taken over by the sound of noisy generators whose fuel has also been increased.

According to William Boateng the country does not appear to be following any time table for the load shedding.

Depending on the megawatts they are instructed to shed by GRIDCO on a particular day, the lights may have to be taken, he indicated.

Asked why the load shedding persists, Boateng said the country is facing a huge generation challenges which has nothing to do with distribution.

He could not say when the situation will be normalised.

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