Ghana To Send Military Troop To Mali

West Africa’s regional bloc ECOWAS will send troops to Mali on Monday as part of an international military campaign to contain Islamist rebel groups controlling the north of the country.

Mali’s former colonial master, France has already sent troops to fight alongside their Malian counterparts to halt the rebels from advancing.

Ghana which is a leading member of ECOWAS is expected to commit some troops for the operation.

In an interview with Citi News, the Director of Public Affairs for the Ghana Armed Forces, Colonel Mbawine Atintande stated that “we have been requested and we are consigning an engineer’s squadron that is 120 personnel to the Mali Mission.”

According to him, the scheduled time for the troops to leave Ghana would have to be addressed by ECOWAS “and when ECOWAS give the green light, we will go. We are ready, we have undergone training, we’ve got the equipments that we are supposed to use or will be using. Everything is set for us to move into Mali.”

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