AMA Clears Hawkers Off The Streets of Accra

HawkersThe Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) seems to have already carried out its directive of getting rid of Hawkers from the streets 24 hours after it issued the order.

Hawkers at the Central Business District of Accra were given till close of day on Monday to leave the streets in the AMA’s latest exercise to de-congest the city.

In an interview, some of the hawkers stated that the move is really affecting their sales.

The AMA task force is worrying us they are chasing us around. They have scattered everything and some people have lost their items. The shops around have had all of it items destroyed because the owners were not around’’ one hawker said.

‘’As for today it hasn’t been easy at all, I am from Kumasi so it looks like I will be going back to Kumasi. When the AMA task force take our things they do not return it to us again’’ another stated.

According to the hawkers the exercise has greatly affected their sales indicating that ‘’if you call someone to come and buy your wares the customers get scared that they (the AMA task force) might attack them’’.

Some further stated that they have resorted to keeping their clothes in bags so that when the AMA task force come around they won’t see anything and then they will pass by.

‘’The whole place is scattered and we always have to be on a high alert for them’’ they added.

The AMA has undertaken similar exercises in the past and the hawkers have returned after a few days off the streets.

Source: citifimonline

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