Zimbabwe: Woman Arrested For Beating Up Husband To Death

woman-beats-husband-to-death-zimbabweIt was no good news in Harare, Zimbabwe when 24-year-old woman, Mrs. Talent Makonde beat up her wedded husband to death.

The deceased husband (name withheld), was beaten to death by his wife after the two had a domestic argument which resulted in an actual fight.

The accused, Mrs. Makonde has been arraigned before court together with 25-year-old Shelton Bhiya who is reported to have step in to separate the fight between the couple.

The fight between the couple is reported to have started as a result of a misunderstanding they had on their way from a shopping mall.

In what almost was a street fight, a passer-by (Shelton Bhiya) stepped in to separate the two when the police arrived.

The deceased husband was then arrested and detained but he died the next morning after he collapsed and was rushed to a hospital.

Autopsy reports revealed that the man died from a hemorrhage in the brain which he suffered during the beating from his wife.

Both suspects have been remanded in custody till the 21st of January, and have been told to apply for bail if they wish.

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